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1) So what exactly is Express Revenue Network?

Express Revenue Networ LLC, founded in 2008, is a performance-based, no-fees affiliate marketing agency specializing in action-based lead generation. In short, ER is an an advertising campaign hub that connects Advertisers to Publishers in one central, easy-to-use interface. ER curates and hosts a multitude of advertisements by seeking out Advertisers with the most unique campaigns, recruiting the most successful Publishers with the best track records, and compensating these Publishers for every action or lead that they generate.

2) Slow down, slow down! Who are the Advertisers and Publishers, what do you do for them, and why do I keep seeing the word “Affiliate”?

ER has two primary clients that we simultaneously serve: Advertisers and Publishers. Advertisers are businesses wanting to drive more traffic and revenue to their products. Publishers are talented online advertisers who know the ins and outs of creating targeted advertisements that drive more volume and revenue to those products (and “Affiliates” is simply a synonym for Publishers and is used interchangeably with Publishers; they refer to the same exact thing).

ER adds value to Advertisers by working with them to develop the optimal advertising campaign for their products (from developing creatives to providing interest-free capital for the campaign’s funding), distributing these campaigns to our Publishers, and managing the campaigns so the Advertisers don’t have to all while Publishers drive more traffic and traffic.

ER adds value to Publishers by helping them find the campaigns that are best suited for their skill set and advertising methods, paying them almost immediately after they make sales or generate leads, and rewarding them with periodic performance bonuses above and beyond your standard CPA commissions.

3) What type of advertising verticals does ER serve?

ER essentially has no limit on the types of advertisements that we host, and we pride ourselves on having one of the largest selection of campaigns out there. From e-mail submits, to lead-gen, to CPA trial sales, to native content, ER makes sure that our advertising mix is as diverse as possible. This way, whether your an Advertiser with a new insurance product that you want to collect e-mail addresses for or a Publisher who only specializes in contextual marketing, ER is able and happy to support your needs. ER also prides itself on having exclusive campaigns that you can’t find at any other network.

4) Does ER change any fees to Advertisers? How much are Publishers paid, when do they get paid, and how? Does ER match higher payouts from other networks?

ER is a 100% NO-FEES network and is a 100% performance-based network! We do not charge any set up fees, financing fees, [insert unnecessary fee name here] fee, etc. Advertisers pay solely for performance - you only owe ER commissions once sales and leads have actually been generated. Publishers similarly never incur any sort of fees at all.

Taking this a step further, ER pays its Publishers faster than its Advertisers pay ER. In other words, ER acts not just as an advertising hub, but also as a financing option: we float capital interest-free to Advertisers so that we pay for their campaigns growth.

Publishers are paid on a weekly basis (via either ACH/wire, PayPal, or check) and are paid at the highest rates out there. If you see the same campaign at another network for a higher rate you can bet we’ll beat it for you.

5) Do Publishers stay at the same pay rates and pay schedules, or can these be accelerated as Publishers volume increases?

ER is constantly incentivizing its Publishers to grow, and we do so by increasing your CPA payouts as certain volume thresholds are met. Similarly, the more business a Publisher brings, the quicker and quicker we’ll pay out commission each week. In short, ER does everything we can to help you accelerate your growth in a sustainable, quality-focused way. We want to be paying you more and paying you faster!

6) Fraud is always a risk in the online advertising industry - what does ER do to minimize this risk?

With close to a decade of experience in this industry, preventing and minimizing fraud is at the forefront of our business model. ER’s account managers are constantly analyzing those performance metrics that are leading indicators of fraud. Balancing click-through rates with conversion with retention, ER’s experienced team is staying ahead of fraud and low-quality traffic before it has a chance to impact our campaigns.

ER also has an in-house fraud detection call center function that Advertisers can utilize as an added layer of protection for their products. To learn more, inquire with your account manager or ER support.

7) What kind of support does ER provide once I join?

Every single Advertiser and Publisher is assigned a personal Account Manager at sign-up. Your AM is there to help you with all aspects of the ER experience, from selecting which campaigns are best suited to your skill set to optimizing these campaigns throughout their lifecycle to even being there chat about the meaning of life. Also, your AM is aware of the non-stop nature of online advertising, and strives to be available as close to 24/7 as they can. In addition to your personal AM, ER also has a team of experienced industry professionals that provide network-wide support.

8) Does ER ever offer promotions or contests?

Business wouldn’t be fun if it was all work and no play, right? ER loves offering unique and quirky performance bonuses to keep things fresh, ranging from smaller $50-$100 offer-specifc awards to enormous tiered-revenue contests where our top performers can qualify for incentives like cruises, travel packages, and once-in-a-lifetime red carpet experiences. All contests will be blasted network-wide, and can also be accessed right from your user dashboard when logged in.

For any further questions, please refer to our Contact Us page for a variety of means to get in touch with us.

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